What is your style?

I absolutely love sessions that are playful and fun!  I love capturing giggles and laughter as well as those heartfelt moments that you have with the ones that you love.  Those pictures always end up becoming my favorite images to display in wall art.

What is the difference between on-location, lifestyle, and studio photography sessions?

On-location portrait sessions are fun and playful.   Most clients opt to book formal portrait sessions at a location that offers a beautiful background for the images they plan display in their home.  I have some great rural and urban locations that I can recommend if this is what you prefer.

Lifestyle photography is about capturing families in their element!  They are fun, candid, and natural.  Lifestyle sessions are perfect for telling a story about your family.  Most lifestyle sessions are done in your home.  It’s great to focus it around an activity such as baking cookies, playing outside, playing games, playing with trains, reading books, child’s play time or maybe a casual afternoon at home.  This is also a great option for newborn sessions because it allows me to document all of the precious tender moments that you have with your baby in their nursery.  These sessions are perfect for clients that are looking to create family heirloom album that includes all of those heartfelt and fun candid moments that happened during your session.

I also offer maternity and newborn studio sessions.   The simple white background in a studio session allows for the focus to be completely on you and your baby.  

When will my session take place?

On-location sessions will either take place at sunrise or an hour and a forty five minutes before sunset to take advantage of the soft natural light at that time.  The sun during the day is much harsher and produces unflattering shadows on your face.  Evening sessions usually last right up until sunset or a few minutes after.

Why would I want to get a Baby's First Year collection?

Your baby will grow and change so much within the first year of their life.  By going with a Baby's First Year collection that first year will be beautifully documented so that you can always look back and remember just how little your baby was when they were born, how their face lit up when you played peek-a-boo with them, how they snuggled up to you while you rocked them to sleep, how cute they looked while learning how to sit and walk for the first time.  You will also have pictures of their adorable little expressions, gummy smiles and tiny little features forever.  When you select a Baby's First Year collection you will have all of your baby's sessions set up ahead of time so it will be one less thing for you to have to remember to set up and worry about during that first year.  

What products do you offer?

I offer high quality canvases, gift and wall prints, metal prints, custom designed cards and heirloom albums.  

Why do you specialize in creating custom artwork?

One of the things that I love about photography is that it takes you back and reminds you of different moments in your life.   Whenever I look at pictures I always find myself smiling.   I believe pictures are meant to be printed and displayed in your home.  To me, a house feels homey when there are pictures of the family up on the walls.  I absolutely love walking around and looking at those pictures.  The reason that I am a full service photographer is that I don't want you to have to worry about doing anything after your session.   

What is a premiere?

Following your session you will be invited to a premiere to view, select, and order your pictures.  During this time we will narrow the pictures down to your favorites and plan how best to display the portraiture in your home.


Photography is an important way of leaving a heirloom that can be passed on to future generations.  The products that Nicolette offers are amongst the highest quality available.  

  • Gallery-wrapped and thin-wrapped canvases are a great option for displaying the pictures from your session in your home.  All canvases are sprayed with a protective gel coating to provent fading.  The gallery-wrapped canvases make gorgeous statement pieces for your home.  The thin wrapped canvases are perfect for large wall displays with multiple canvases.
  • Metal prints have a gloss finish that is perfect for any condition.  They are scratch-resistant, waterproof and weatherproof.
  • All wall prints are archival quality and include our lifetime guarantee.  They are mounted and sprayed with a protective coating to prevent fading and warping.
  • The uniquely designed handcrafted heirloom albums display your pictures in a stunning 20 page layout.  The real photographic prints are printed archival paper and include our lifetime guarantee.  Albums are a great way to tell the story of the day.  They are perfect for all of the fun and candid moments that happened during your session.

Our Latest

“Our experience with Nicolette Dixon was absolutely amazing!  She captures moments between families that only families can feel. To see these moments captured in print is breathtaking.  She makes everyone comfortable and relaxed instantly.  Nicolette goes above and beyond to make your experience one of a kind.  There are not enough words to thank her or describe how wonderful she is!”-Melissa

To find out more about Nicolette, take a moment to read her about me page or contact her today to schedule your session.

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